Intense engineering and beautiful boats.

We are the Cedarville University Solar Boat team and this is our focus. We are members of a professional and collegiate community of engineers who compete to build and race the most efficient and fastest solar boats attainable. We race every two years through the water ways of the Netherlands. Our school is located in Midwest Ohio and has established a reputation of respect and renown in this international community.

In July 2012, Cedarville was the top university team in the Dong Energy Solar Challenge (the Netherlands) finishing ahead of all other university teams and taking 3rd place overall in the Top Class. In 2015, Cedarville captured the Solar Splash World Championship of Collegiate Solar Boating; this is Cedarville's eighth championship in the past 12 years.

We love engineering and are dedicated to excellent craftsmanship. We are Christians and rest in knowing that our inspiration and abilities are a gift from our merciful God. This year, we are beginning a new adventure. We are young engineering students preparing to build and race a winning boat. We have a team of 15 students. Our three advisors are industry experts in their fields of engineering and have led former teams to many successes.

But this is not enough, we need others to partner with us in this challenge. In the past one of the most difficult restrictions has been our lack of finances. So often, precious time has been lost because we could not make immediate, necessary purchases. Inadequate tools and lack of supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. Additionally, the expenses of shipping our boat and sending some of our team to the Netherlands is very costly.

Yet with the generosity of those willing to come alongside of us, there is a chance for great things to happen.

Would you consider partnering with us in this challenge?

We have developed a suite of partnership options and have included them below. You are more than welcome to choose the option that best fits you.

Cedarville Solar Boat Team