Cedarville University is fresh off its 12th Solar Splash World Championship and is eager to return to the Solar Sport 1 challenges in the Netherlands, where in years past Cedarville was the top university team finishing ahead of all other schools while taking a 3rd place overall in the Top Class and previously taking 2nd place in the A-Class in the inaugural race.

More than 70 teams from the US as well as 15 other countries have competed in Solar Splash since its beginning in 1994. The goal of the Cedarville University Solar Boat Team is to provide an environment for students with the following learning objectives: to challenge students to tackle problems for which they have no direct training; to learn how to approach unfamiliar and difficult problems; to gain experience working as a team; to follow a “systems approach” to the project; and to follow the complete process of bringing an idea to reality through an iterative process of design, build, test, and modify. The solar boat competitions challenge the students to develop and race a one-person boat with limitations on solar array power and battery capacity. Speeds in the events range from 10 to 60 kph (6 to 35 mph).

Solar Sport One conducts a series of solar boat races in Europe. Though it is a relatively young organization, its staff has years of experience starting with the inaugural Frisian Nuon Solar Challenge in 2006, followed by the DONG Solar Energy Challenge and the Dutch Solar Challenge before morphing into the current structure. Solar Sport One is working to unify rules for the solar boating community and oversees races in the Netherlands and in Monaco. The Solar Sport One events draw teams from around the world, with approximately 40 boats competing in any given year.

In 2020, the Cedarville Solar Boat Team also hopes to see the inauguration of the Toronto Solar Boat Race and support that new event by entering two different boatsfor competition. This is a new initiative that will have classes of boats conforming to the Solar Sport One regulations and the Solar Splash regulations.

None of the success of the Cedarville University Solar Boat Team would be possible without the grace of God; we are greatly blessed by a generous team of supporters. Our success is a gift of God – but, when "it’s all been said and done," "you can take this whole world (and all its success), but give me Jesus."

For more information on Cedarville University's Solar Boat Team, please contact Dr. Timothy Dewhurst .